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Are Your Pastors and Staff Ready for Retirement?

By 2030, all 73 million Americans who make up the “baby boom generation” will have reached the retirement age of 65, according to the US Census Bureau.

Are the men and women employed by your church ready for retirement?

Statistics from and other sources suggest many Americans are not financially ready for retirement, especially those closest to retiring. Forward-thinking and planning by churches now can help pastors and staff members gain a stronger sense of financial security later.

CPA Elaine Sommerville is tackling retirement planning in our upcoming Advantage Member webinar. Join our Advantage Membership today to access this exclusive event happening on June 15. You’ll get an overview of plans that can help pastors and staff members set aside retirement savings, plus critical considerations regarding housing, spouses, health insurance and Medicare, life insurance, and disability insurance.

Also, unlock Sommerville’s recent overview of the rules dictating whether churches can assist with Medicare premiums for eligible employees.

What else is new?

The latest episode of the Church Law podcast answers listener-submitted questions on board member liability, religious worker visas, childcare for small groups, and more.

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