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Academic Degree Titles & Certification Programs

Graduate Degrees (Mind-Body Medicine/MBM & Holistic Psychology/HPsy)
Program Degree Title
Term (years)
Max Transfer Units
PhD in Mind-Body Medicine & Holistic Psychology PhD, MBMD

2 (for master holder)

32 8
4 (for bachelor holder) 64 16

Continuing Certificate Programs
Certificate Yes    

Currently MBMU offers:

PhD in Mind-Body Medicine & Holistic Psychology

For instance, if your name is Jenny Smith and graduated with the doctorate program, you will be academically titled:

Dr. Jenny Smith, Ph.D., MBMD or Jenny Smith, Ph.D., MBMD

Doctorate Degree

The graduate degree programs provide advanced learning and training courses in Mind-Body Medicine & Holistic Psychology. The academic degree title you earn at MBMU is PhD & MBMD in Holistic Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine.

The degree curriculum includes courses of holistic psychology, mind-body medicine, energy medicine, vibration medicine, naturopathic medicine, meditation, traditional Qigong cultivation, hypnotherapy, music therapy, sound healing, neuron feedback, etc.

A student with a Master (or Bachelor) degree in relevant fields can attend 2 (or 4) years of study at MBMU in a PhD program of Mind-Body Medicine and Holistic Psychology to earn the doctoral degree.

For those who already have a doctorate (PhD, PsyD, MD, ND) or elevens (e.g., oriental medicine doctor degree), you may attend 2 years or less of the program at MBMU to obtain the doctoral PhD in mind-body medicine and holistic psychology.

For details about the curriculum, see Doctorate Curriculum

Certificate Programs

MBMU offers certificate programs as listed below. This list will be constantly updated with new techniques for mind-body healing. Please check this page often and press button of refresh or reload on our browser to make sure the latest page content displayed. As a degree student, these courses will be part of your program and you will receive these certificates upon the completion of the course in the same way as the non-registered certificate program students do. But because these courses are also the part of the degree curriculum, there is no extra charge for a registered degree student.

  • Holistic Hypnotherapy
  • Holistic Clinical Nutrition
  • Holistic Psychology
  • Advanced Qigong Cultivation for Health Professionals
    Natural Family Herbs
  • Positive Psychology
    Health Psychology
    Behavioral Medicine
    Neuron Feedback
    Ask for more updated programs

A doctorate program student may establish private practice with some of these certificate even before the degree program complete.

Holistic healthcare practitioners or other conventional or alternative medicine practitioners can incorporate these techniques into the existing practice as Certified Practitioner of the corresponding Mind-Body Medicine technique.

Certificate Curriculum

Public Health Education Programs

MBMU offers general health education classes for public health education, preventive healthcare and daily health maintaining. These courses are open to public. For details and ongoing classes, please Contact Us.